Maine Youth for Peace


About Maine Youth for Peace


Maine Youth for Peace is a multigenerational organization that aims to counter the United States' culture of militarism, particularly as it impacts youth, and build a culture of peace. We want to listen to and uplift youth perspectives on the impact of violence and militarism in our society and follow the guidance of youth to build a society without violence and militarism. We believe, as Martin Luther King wrote in his Letter from Birmingham Jail, that peace includes “the presence of justice.” We understand that violence is practiced against people within the United States and systems of racism and economic exploitation within the United States are a contributor to the violence that the United States enacts against people in other countries. Maine Youth for Peace is made up of people from different parts of Maine and currently meets once a month via teleconference. All are welcome to join us. To join our conference calls, or to schedule a workshop for youth, email or call 207-558-5758. For more information on the militarization of youth, click the link below 

Maine Youth for Peace Aims:

  1. To build a stronger peace movement by connecting young people and students across Maine and providing guidance for them organize in their communities for peace.

  2. To connect young people with opportunities to earn money and build skills working for peace and justice.

  3. To shed light on the ways that militarism negatively impacts young people and students in the United States.

  4. To provide full disclosure of military recruitment on high school and college campuses.

Some of our recent projects include:

  1. Collaboration with Veterans for Peace, Americans who Tell the Truth, the Maine War Tax Resistance Resource Center, and Peace Action Maine on an 18-month activist calendar for teachers to hang in their classrooms.

  2. Creation of a list of paid social justice internships to hand out at career fairs around Maine. A brochure on medical school scholarships.

  3. Presentations to school and community groups about militarism which provide our paid internship opportunities, raise the issue of military recruiting in schools, and listen to students' experiences and thoughts regarding war and militarism.

  4. Facilitation of a discussion at the 2018 Youth Activism Gathering in Rome, Maine on the local impacts of US Militarism.